Corporate Training

Importance of Training

Today’s business scenario is marked with certain characteristics – It is changing very fast and is truly global – This requires a complex and diverse set of skills and competencies in various areas – Most of the time these skill sets and competencies are not available automatically and need to be developed through meticulous analysis of Training needs and competent execution of the training.


Today’s organization must understand that unless staff development is taken up seriously, a scientific TNA is drawn up and implemented – performance improvement will never come and shall most certainly restrict the organization acquire its cutting edge

Companies that have invested in training have reported the following RoIs.

Improved Recruitment: Training for many is as important as a compensational package as they foster personal growth and development. Hence companies who invest on training regularly can now cast a wider net for hiring people with right attitude rather focusing only on the professional skills.

Lower Attrition: When employees start believing that they have a personal growth in an organization, they are likely to stay with that organization for a longer period of time.

Better output: The lower your attrition rate, the more productive, enthusiastic, and motivated will be your employees

Training will be effective only when organizations meet the following conditions:

Involvement from the top: Top corporate leaders must embrace training enthusiastically. If personal development is part of the formal appraisal, your staff will know that a direct co-relation exists between training, acquiring new skills, and their career success.

Alignment with Corporate Goals: Training should fit hand – in glove with the company’s strategic plan.  In fact, if the goal – setting is done correctly and stretches corporate performance to new heights, it is important to upgrade the skill set of your workforce.

Needs Analysis: Designing of a training initiative should always start from an accurate assessment of what your employee does well and what needs to be improved? Hence it is imperative that your organization starts by documenting current performance and compare the same against what it should be.

Delivery Options: There are numerous ways of imparting training – classroom, self paced, mentoring, computer, and web assisted. It is important to choose the most effective delivery method to meet the training objectives.

Follow-up: After the completion of the training, you must provide your employees opportunity to apply their newly learnt skills. People cannot successfully learn the skills without practicing on the job. It is important to ensure that the training was successful and provided the employees with the skills that they needed.

What sets us apart?

We at The Center for Personal Transformation have trained over 5 lac Executives and Managers in diverse areas from close to 300 organizations over the last 10 years. Most of these programs have had huge impact on the participants and their respective organizations and have been instrumental in triggering many performance turn-arounds.


This has been possible for us because of enormous passion, tremendous energy, deep commitment to our clients’ needs, an intense urge to make a real difference , an outstanding pool of talented trainers, rigorous research, continuously experimenting with newer and more contemporary methodologies, ability to customize the programs as per the clients’ requirements and generating outstanding results ongoingly.


We at The Center for Personal Transformation understand your training needs better than anyone in this country.


All programs are customized

CPT is committed to deliver beyond customer-expectations – Our executives will interact with your HR manager to find out your exact requirements – sometimes these interactions happen a number of times, till CPT’s content development team is completely satisfied – as a result the impact of every single program of ours is unmatched and the outcomes are truly extraordinary.

Cutting Edge Research

Our research team constantly upgrades the training content by incorporating the latest and most updated trends and technologies.

Our Unique Methodology:


The Center for Personal Transformation’s unique training methodology is fully customized. The methodology depends on  the demography to be trained – the duration  – the subject of training, the number and geographic spread of the participants, the issues to be addressed and the outcome and impact that is expected – The methodology also depends on individual trainer preferences.


We use a variety of methodologies – from inspirational storytelling, to in-house management games and exercises, to out-bound games and experiences, films, dancing, meditation, music aided visualization exercises, dramatics, et al.


  • In our high energy leadership courses we have fire walking, karate style board breaking, glass walking, etc. We also have mountaineering, river-rafting, discovery trips etc. for out bound programs.
  • For communication workshops we use a lot of video aided role playing – where participants are video-graphed – which are played back and their flaws corrected.
  • In certain areas we also use e-learning and video-based lectures, sometimes through video conferencing so as to reach a bigger, multi-locational audience.
  • For senior management programs we use a lot of business simulations, group discussions, case studies, pre and during course work etc.
  • In some courses we also offer one on one coaching and counseling with a participant for a period of 60 days after the course.


Great Return of Investment

Against every single program of ours, our clients receive a high Return of Investment. That is because of our world class quality, customization to your requirements, ability to consistently generate and measure specific, measurable and time-bound improvements on identified performance indicators.

Media Reports

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Founder’s Day: The Center for Personal Transformation will be celebrating its 11th Founder’s day function on 17th September 2012.

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“Program very fruitful in understanding the modern teaching trends.”  

Dr. Sukla Basu

Posted On: 2012-12-28

“Excellent (and. . . Just that should tell it all)”

Tumpa Sarkar

Posted On: 2012-12-28

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