Corporate Transformation

Our Corporate Transformation initiatives are designed to imbibe a performance and productivity culture within your organization. You can be a small organization or a large business unit, probably eyeing at the immense opportunity of development that lay ahead. Many may probably doubt the very origins of this thought. Many may also consider it tough to achieve. But, achievement of desired goals has never been a fluke. There are numerous organizations who have done in past and you too can explore your chances of greater productivity, enhanced performance, and greater profits.

In the course of our various consulting assignments with various clients, we have encountered many such cases of underperformance of an organization and the bleeding management which cries and shouts but has no idea of “What is the problem and where the solution lies”. Normally, when all hopes are lost, a consultant is called. That’s how we get most of our assignments.


While trying to diagnose the challenges about what ails the organization, many a time we come across the following reasons:-


  • The JDs of employees are not clear to them
  • Their KRAs/KPIs are not clear to them
  • The appraisal mechanism is faulty
  • Their appraisers are not professionally trained with respect to conducting the scientific appraisals and because of these faulty appraisals there is low employee motivation and morale and hence the reason for high attrition
  • Different departments act as independent islands in an organization with ‘0’ and negative communication in between
  • Severe lack of communication and coordination amongst colleagues and the next cubicle colleague communicates through e-mail only
  • Lack of computer knowledge / computer saviness amongst top management  resulting in their expensive ERP system being a complete failure
  • Severe ego problem between colleagues and members of the senior management
  • Severe lack of communication and coordination between production and marketing
  • Accounts wanting to bully that severely affects the operations and employee morale
  • No proper follow up of outstanding realization and lack of any process resulting in heavily mounting dues / overdues and bad debt of the organization
  • Lack of any performance monitoring mechanism and review mechanism.
  • The list goes on and on…

Keeping this in mind and with our experience with over 300 corporate over the last 10 years we have designed the following Corporate Transformation Initiative:

The Corporate Transformation process scientifically probes and diagnoses key organizational issues that are plaguing organizational performance and restricting its vitality. After probing, we find out a set of best suited solutions. This leads to designing of “An action plan” that is truly time bound. Along with this we put specific stringent monitoring mechanism that monitors the performance of every area. As a result of this, there is a transformation in the performance of the respective department / organization. There is also a transformation of organizational culture and employee attitude. There is an enhancement in the “result focus” and thus this changed management results in high employee motivation. A promoted motivation will definitely result in a true “Corporate Transformation”.


Corporate Transformation is a customized process. Every organization is unique, has unique issues that need to be delved in deep with unique sensitivity and dealt with unique expertise and passion. We, at The Center for Personal Transformation, are committed to deliver these results.

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“Program very fruitful in understanding the modern teaching trends.”  

Dr. Sukla Basu

Posted On: 2012-12-28

“Excellent (and. . . Just that should tell it all)”

Tumpa Sarkar

Posted On: 2012-12-28

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