Catch Your Dreams

Goal setting for the sales team in our opinion is probably the single most important exercise in improving sales performances of your business. Without setting goals targets tends to drift away, time tends to get spent meaninglessly, and also the sales results remain very ordinary. Setting goals bring in a purpose, motivation, and passion to excel amongst your sales team – and also gives them the necessary inspiration to commit to relentless and massive actions till the time they achieve their goals.

Catch Your Dreams is a high-energy, interactive goal setting workshop that helps your sales professionals -  managers, and sales personnel to increase their sales by keeping them focused on the results that culminates to business success. This program is designed with a purpose of helping organizations review their achievements of sales targets of the previous year and setting up of the new ones for the next year. This program also goes beyond activity-driven goals by developing attitude and behavioral goals enabling participants to overcome limitations and roadblocks that have previously held them back. In the process solutions to such challenges are also drawn out. This workshop challenges the participants to create a highly-focused set of achievable objectives. These objectives are based around their behaviors, key performance indicators and key responsibility areas.

The entire process is facilitated by number of films, music aided visualization exercises to help participants enhance their imaginative abilities and also help them to stretch their aspirational frontiers. After the goals are made each participants announces their individual goals which are then edited through suggestions and recommendations from their functional heads and other organizational head to get them to the finality. These participants then make a detailed roadmap on how they will be achieving these goals – what resources they may be requiring – and what will be the monitoring mechanism of these goals etc. This workshop mainly focuses on using a sales funnel approach for sales prospecting and business development. All these at the end are documented to the minutest details. So, the detailed goal setting for the next financial year is achieved from the workshop and the participants go home with a tremendous high, huge confidence, and crystal clarity. This program also binds the team to a crack champion outfit.


Catch Your Dreams is a revolutionary workshop that is absolutely customized to your needs and designed to deliver following unprecedented results for your sales team and your organization.

  • Setting of more powerful goals
  • Enhanced motivation and commitment amongst sales teams towards achievement of their KPIs
  • Setting up of a clear roadmap
  • Setting up of a robust PMS built around time, progress, and achievement
  • Enhanced self – assessment know-how amongst the participants
  • Augmented sales effectiveness

This program is well suited for both new and experienced sales professionals. Sales managers can use this workshop to develop the goal setting skills of their entire sales team. Anyone with the desire to improve their goal setting techniques and increase sales and profits will benefit from this workshop.

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“Program very fruitful in understanding the modern teaching trends.”  

Dr. Sukla Basu

Posted On: 2012-12-28

“Excellent (and. . . Just that should tell it all)”

Tumpa Sarkar

Posted On: 2012-12-28

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