Awaken Your Gaint Within

Human potential is the most abundant and priceless human mineral. When this potential is enriched and harnessed, the results can be extraordinary. In our daily lives we invest in petrol, clothes, restaurants, films, electronic appliances, traveling etc.- but unfortunately we don’t invest in our own development.

This is a path-breaking workshop on leadership, motivation and attitude development for your employees. When employees develop powerfully – they set mighty goals – they commit to substantiate this goals with massive – they automatically manifest consistent and intelligent actions to produce the results that are truly awesome. When your employees learn how to raise their standards, how to change their limiting beliefs and how to change their strategies – the result is they start taking control of their mental, emotional and their organization’s financial destiny.

Awaken Your Giant Within is about creating breakthroughs. This is our most popular module that has been taken by over 1 Lac people. It is an extraordinary life changing workshop where people break through their fear and step into power. They create unstoppable momentum in their lives, activate the driving force which move them into massive actions, place them in a peak emotional, mental and physical state instantly, identify and replace all their limiting beliefs to gain substantial results. They start practicing true leadership & turn their dreams into reality through the power of neuro success conditioning. They also learn the master principles for a vital life and experience the power of pure energy, vitality and enthusiasm. They also learn to generate new habits and attitudes that generate outstanding corporate outcomes. They create a compelling future not only for themselves but also for and all other people as well.

This program will deliver the following extraordinary results at your workplace:

  • Your employees will start practicing true leadership
  • Your employees will create an unstoppable momentum that will produce massive results
  • Your employees will activate the driving force that will move them into massive action
  • Your employees will place themselves in a peak emotional, mental, physical state instantly
  • Your employees will identify and replace all their limiting beliefs to gain sustainable results


Course Highlights

  • Beyond the boundaries- Power packed relaxation cum NLP exercise.
  • Amazing virtues - 23 extraordinary qualities that are a must for any one to be successful in life & develop into a great leader.
  • Being successful –How successful people think, act & behave, what is their secret blueprint
  • Power questions - Asking the right questions and developing system of self inquiry is catalytic to generate extraordinary results
  • Powerful Communication-This session deals with the specific qualities one needs to become a powerful communicator plus important tips on body language & personal grooming.
  • Developing Self Esteem- What are the characteristics of high self esteem that one must follow & what characteristics one must not follow.
  • Outstanding commitment: Participants get to realize the importance & power of commitment in life.
  • Developing Vision and Mission - In specific points participants get sensitized to what vision & mission in life really means & how it helps
  • Values & Principles - The participants are sensitized on values & principles & their importance.
  • Experiencing Peak Performance – Customized music aided NLP exercise the participant experience the characteristic of peak performance.
  • Time management - How do you manage time – some important tips
  • Stress Management – How do you manage stress – some important tips
  • Team building- Importance of working in teams, how to interact with other members of the team, and monitoring team performance.
  • Developing excellence – The participants realize the power of living in excellence.
  • Creating leadership habits & attitudes – How one sustains the leadership infrastructure after the workshop, how do they create powerful attitudes and habits.
  • 7 ways to eternal greatness & 10 ways to unlimited power - These are some golden principles of living a great life of success, happiness, glory, fulfillment & contribution.
  • Making the road map -This guides the participants as to how they will accomplish their goals by breaking them in weekly & daily promises.

I am incredible - NLP exercise.


Media Reports

Prof. Chatterjee is Prof. Chatterjee is the new mental toughness coach of CAB and East Bengal – Prof. Soumitra Chatterjee is now the newly appointed Mental Toughness coach of the Under – 16, the Under – 19, the Under – 22, and the Senior Bengal Cricket Teams and The Kingfisher East Be

Inauguration of the Corporate Social Responsibility wing – “Utthan”: The Center for Personal Transformation understands its social commitment and is ready to transform the employment scenario of modern India to match international standards through its social responsibility wing “Utthan”. The inauguration of this wing will be on the fou

Founder’s Day: The Center for Personal Transformation will be celebrating its 11th Founder’s day function on 17th September 2012.

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“Program very fruitful in understanding the modern teaching trends.”  

Dr. Sukla Basu

Posted On: 2012-12-28

“Excellent (and. . . Just that should tell it all)”

Tumpa Sarkar

Posted On: 2012-12-28

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